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The Leadership Team


Andrew McQuade
State General Agent

After graduating from CU Boulder where he received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with an emphasis on Economics; Andrew created and sold a start-up company and then became a full-time firefighter. He joined the organization back in 2011 because the wanted to return to the business world and always had a craving to create something big. After working in both Agency and the Corporate side of the organization for 10 years, he learned what was necessary to open his own doors with the hope of expanding the business throughout all of CA.

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Regional General Agent 



Regional General Agent

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Regional General Agent 

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Kamal Tayyib

Regional General Agent 

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Heriberto Chavez

Regional General Agent 

With over 17 years of sales experience, 13 years in the organization and 10 of those years as a Senior Manager, Paul prides himself on team development, agency leadership and client relationships. Motivated by Family, Faith and Finances his passion is to share his knowledge and experience to lift individuals to attain the same success.

Originally from Southern California from the city of Pomona.  In 2006, Chris graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) and had the opportunity to play Professional Football with the Oakland Raiders from 2006-2008 Seasons. After a Career ending injury, Chris moved back to Southern California where he was introduced to this company from a close college friend of his.  Chris started with the company in 2009, and after about a year and a half, moved back up to the Bay Area to work in a leadership role with this company and have been up here ever since. This company gives him the opportunity to do the 2 things he is passionate about,  helping people and giving back to my community. Chris is happy to be in a position where he can help others discover their potential through hard work and sacrifice.  Ultimate plan is to grow our business to larger territories and expand out of state.

Jadelene began her professional career in the service industry mastering leadership and helping others. Now working with the McQuade Agency she is committed to bringing job opportunity to our community and inspiring others to achieve professional sucess. A lifelong resident of Northern California, Jadelene knows the potential of our community and the outstanding people in it. Her vision is empowering those around her to achieve thier dreams.

Kamal has been a California resident since 2001.  Originally from the Midwest, he grew up outside of the city of Chicago and chose to move to California in search of more opportunity.  He found that career opportunity with AIL in 2014 and has been in Management with AIL since a few months into his first year with the Company.  His purpose originally began to pursue his goal for his own financial freedom and has since morphed into a passion for protecting families and teaching and developing those he brings on board to do the same to pursue their long-term agent and/or management goals.

Heriberto G Chavez is a Metropolitan State University of Denver graduate (BS). He is a California native, born in San Bernardino. Prior to joining the organization, Heriberto ran and managed three successful businesses. Heriberto has now been with us since 2017. He has managed teams/offices for us in Colorado, Texas, and now here in California. Heriberto's goal with the organization is to keep helping families protect their loved ones and keep assisting individuals create a long-lasting career.

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Sayed Hashimi

Master General Agent 

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Tiffany Bertao

Master General Agent

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Selale Booher

Master General Agent 

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Eric Caballero

Master General Agent 

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Master General Agent 

Sayed N Hashimi got his start in this insurance industry in 2018 in California and has been a bay area resident since then. Sayed graduated from Kabul University and had the opportunity to work with different international nonprofit NGO’s and governmental organization back in Afghanistan. His passion for helping client and developing a team to pursue their long-term agent and management goals is the reason he is still in this industry today.

Tiffany Bertao is from Hollister, CA She has a wonderful husband and 2 amazing daughters. Tiffany has 20 years of management experience. In her previous year with American Income, she has had 2 promotions. Personal professional growth are the cornerstones of my success.

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Eric Caballero is a Colorado native  and started with the company in Aurora, CO back in May of 2018. He recently became a part of The McQuade Agency in August of 2021 after helping build a successful office in Lubbock, TX and opening his own office in San Antonio, TX. An opportunity presented itself for him to bring his leadership and expertise to our office and that was an opportunity he capitalized on. His goal is to offer his team the same opportunity that was given to him, that is to earn a desirable standard of living through protecting this country's hardest working families.

Breyon Williams graduated from Humboldt State University with a BS in Zoology and spent the first few years of her post graduate life working in the animal industry. She worked with a variety of animals, from giraffes, red pandas, and cotton top tamarins, to domestic cows, dogs, and cats before transitioning into the insurance industry in the spring of 2021.After working with the company for several months, an opportunity presented itself to move into a leadership position where her unmatched organizational skills and hard-earned knowledge could be utilized to develop new leaders. Together with her team she has been able to build systems that continue to be utilized agency-wide and we look forward to seeing what she does next.




General Agent 

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General Agent

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General Agent 




General Agent 




General Agent 

Mario grew up in a small coastal city outside of Santa Barbara California, where he also attended UC Santa Barbara for his undergraduate studies. In 2015 he chose to move to southern California Los Angeles area in search to further advance his career opportunities by working in the education system. In the fall of 2021 he was presented with an amazing opportunity to join the AIL team under the McQuade Agency. His initial passion to inform, serve and assist working families in his community through the education system made it an easy transition into AIL. Through AIL he has now found a new avenue to further inform, empower and service his community by protecting the financial future of working families while he continues to pursue his personal and career goals.

A lifelong resident of Northern California, originating from East San Jose, Sergio moved to Hollister in 2015. He has been working at American Income Life for the last 7 years. Sergio believes working with families is the highest priority, whether it is educating a family on financial planning or helping them have better health he believes education of our community is the utmost priority. In 2016 Sergio helped open a new office in Hollister, CA bringing new job opportunities to those who have been looking to help others just like himself.





General Agent 



General Agent

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General Agent 

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General Agent 



General Agent 


I'm a Family man and entrepreneur.

Started my professional career as an Electrician for the railroad. After a few job changes within the railroad industry, I found my home with the McQuade Agency providing a peace of mind to those I meet with. 

My family drives my goals and motivation in life and leadership. They are the key factor in every aspect of my life and career. 

Anneli Brandt is a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma and graduated with a BA in Environmental Studies from Green Mountain College. Her passion for leadership began with teaching martial arts and self defense classes, and she developed her leadership skills further by leading wilderness trips, teaching outdoor survival skills, and mentoring at-risk teens. Anneli became part of the McQuade Agency in April of 2021 and has been promoted twice since then. Her mission has always been to lead with compassion, empower future leaders, and be of service to her community.

Victoria Perea is a happy, healthy, respected woman who has made it her life's passion to empower others and support them in discovering their greatness.  


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